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Khan Counseling

Clinical Psychotherapy Practice

Holistic, inclusive, & compassionate psychotherapy for all.

Welcome. Here at Khan Counseling, we believe that the transformative power of a therapeutic relationship is for everyone.

We welcome those of all identities, and from all walks of life. We are allies and advocates.

We are not here to judge or "fix." We will meet you exactly where you are.

Everyone has the potential to live their fullest, most joyful lives.

Let us help guide you on your unique journey to yours.

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Holistic Psychotherapy

Public Speaking


Our approach to therapy stems from the belief that all of our systems are interconnected. Our mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual health are one.


We focus on issues like depression, anxiety, life transitions, identity questions, self-esteem, relationships, and many others. We keep cultural sensitivity at the forefront and work through a trauma lens.


Click on our Meet Us page to learn more about our diverse range of practitioners.

With extensive experience speaking & lecturing in a variety of settings, we are passionate about sharing on topics such as trauma, holistic mental health, and self-care for providers.

If you are interested in scheduling a lecture for your organization, please reach out for more information.

Are you a fellow practitioner looking to expand your practice? We offer clinical supervision and business coaching to other therapists looking for support.

Coaching is offered virtually and services are flexible in order to meet your needs.

Khan Counseling is always hiring self-motivated, experienced, trauma-informed therapists. Reach out for more info!

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